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Our health portal is packed with features to help service users with medications, appointments & visits, reminders & more

Just place it in your service user's home - it does the rest - fully automated & updated over-the-web - with you in control

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Perfect for NHS CCGs with community services such as

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If your service user has an appointment, at the Hospital for example, give them timely reminders, the day before, and on the day of the appointment.
Prompt service users to take their medicines at set times in a day to aid concordance.
Promote Health
Add health promotion reminders for service users, such as prompting to drink during hot weather, or to wrap up during cold snaps.
Use the companion app to send an alert to a service user e.g. to say you're at the door, or 5 mins away.
If a health care worker is scheduled to visit let your service users know in a timely manner.
Visually aid service users in the best techniques to take medicines with videos. Perfect for inhalers.
Voice Activated
Service Users can just speak to the Health Portal unit and get a response. (Coming Soon)
Connects through Wi-fi or by SIM Card (Mobile contract not included).
Larger Text
A large typeface is chosen to aid visually challenged service users.

Provide service user specific medication videos

On-demand videos teach service users how to use medications properly aiding concordance

Alert your Service Users to important events

If a service user has an appointment with their GP, for example, give them a gentle reminder the day before and the morning of the appointment


Medication Reminders

A simple effective way to remind service users of regular medicine regimens with pre-programmed reminders

Fully Customisable
Colours, Logos, information - you control it all from your own admin portal
Full Servicing
Our pricing model includes full servicing and free upgrades
A Support Guru is only a click away to make sure you get the most from our health portal service

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